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Building construction is one of the most exciting commercial activities in the land. It is fast moving, full of change, full of personalities and characters. The focal point is the customer and what he wants from his building. That’s why things get changed during the construction works. If the customer changes his mind, let him have what he wants. Managing that change invariably means managing cost and time; managing too the differences of opinion which inevitably flow from a changed plan of campaign. Professional teams will reach different conclusions about impact on time and cost and require independent decision making to avoid differences undermining the team relationships on site.

This Web site helps explain the variety of management techniques, which the modern manager can turn to for effective machinery to dispose of differences of opinion. For example it is no longer necessary (or even right) to rush into litigation. There are several far more effective ways of controlling a dispute. Construction in the UK for example will invariably opt for a super fast 28-day dispute management system called Adjudication. It has now found favour in the International Standard Form Contract documents. Mediation is world wide too. It is remarkable for its effect, especially in preserving relationships. Look too at the modern arbitrator. The emphasis now is on efficient and economic but thorough forensic inquiry. As to litigation, the English lawyers on 26 April 1999 completely altered its procedural rules to fundamentally improve civil litigation, and its working.

On the left of this page is a row of yellow buttons. They will take you to additional information on ‘dispute management’. At “The Column” button you will find the weekly page in ‘Building’ magazine, which I have written since 1987. The ‘Links’ button takes you to other helpful Web sites.

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