In my articles for Building magazine, I refer to cases concerning adjudication as case number X in my series. Some have asked for further details or a copy of that list, so here it is.

On Friday 1st May 1998, the Commercial Construction Industry took a great step forward. Jobs, quality of work, safety, and timely performance will now benefit from what is known colloquially as the Construction Act. Construction contracts, save for a few notable exceptions, will provide a statutory right to a 28 day dispute decision making process called Adjudication. The right arises in "The Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996". It applies under that name in England Wales and Scotland; in Northern Ireland it applies since 1st June 1999.

This new Adjudication process is quite unlike anything that has held the ring between disputing parties in commerce. Existing Arbitration, Expert Determination, Conciliation, Mediation all require a consensual approach; both parties must agree to take their dispute to any one of those dispute processes. Not so New Adjudication. Parliament now provides that each Construction Contract shall provide that any party may call for this new referee. If there is a dispute between Developer and Main Contractor either party is entitled to forthwith call for this new person. The Adjudicators burden is to decide on the rights of the parties under the building contract and do so within the strict 28 day time frame. The "Decision" is binding forthwith. It can only be overturned, revised or confirmed in Arbitration (if the contract contains an Arbitration clause) or in litigation. It has "temporary finality" and is an announcement by an independent referee as to the rights of the contracting parties.

As for the procedure . . . how to adjudicate, it will often be that the machinery is laid down in the adopted Adjudication Rules or Standard Form Contract. By procedure we mean giving each party a reasonable opportunity of putting his case and dealing with that of his opponent. The watchword is fairness. Important too is not to lose sight of the adjudicator’s fundamental task: it is to decide the case put by the parties. No adjudicator can “make a case” for either party. No adjudicator is there to “find” the evidence, nor there to undermine a party’s case, nor there to dig for rights or duties. If an adjudicator investigates at all, it will be to clarify points of fact or law in the party’s case. It is vital that each party prepares his position on facts, evidence, rights and duties before he comes to adjudication. Important too that he has put his case already to the ‘other-side’. Remember, the adjudicator will have little time to do much more than decide upon the written case, as put. It is a contest between ‘A’ and ‘B’ not an investigation by the adjudicator.

Why Adjudication? British Construction offers its customers great flexibility. Many a construction project is designed and built on the hoof. Changes are inevitable ... and welcome. But change means change in price ... and programme. Disputes are ordinary. If the dispute is not efficiently managed it reduces itself and the project to conflict. Quality, time, safety suffers. And, occasionally it is true that some folk took advantage; the withholding of money was too easy. The New Adjudicator will quickly identify half baked claims; the building project will not be stymied by wrong headed nonsense.

The Construction Contracts in scope are not only large scale industrial and commercial building and civil engineering but include also the refurb to the High Street shop. Professional service contracts between Architect and Client are also classified as Construction Contracts. Excluded however are contracts between domestic house owners and the outfit building an extension. So too excluded is the supply only of building materials. Pity. Perhaps those areas will one day be brought into scope.

The construction industry welcomes this innovation. It has long since become tired of long drawn out squabbles. Parliament and cross party co-operation is to be congratulated. This will work.



(Case Sensitive)

No Parties Date Article Judgment
520 Rodgers v Merex 19th November 2012 NONE
519 Vertase v Squibb 13th November 2012

518 Lidl UK v R G Carter 8th November 2012 NONE
517 Alstom Power v Somi Impianti 8th Oct 2012 NONE
516 Pihl v Ramball 29th August 2012

515 Specialist Insulation v Pro-Duct Fife: Scottish Case 10th May 2012

514 Sam Abbas & Hayes t/a A H Design v Rotary International: Shoulf the litigation be stayed in favour of adjudication in the contract? 28 May 2012 NONE
513 P C Harrington v Systech International: Unenforceable adj Decision & Therefore no fee payable; Reversed Akenhead J Oct 2011. see 488 below 23 Oct 2012

513 Systech v Harrington see article 717 as well as 716 23rd October

512 Whyte & Mackay v Blyth & Blyth: Scotland: Permission sought to lodge a substantive counterclaim to be tried at same time as enfocement of a claim 12 May 12 NONE
511 Clark Electrical & JMD: Did an ad-hoc adjudication agreement arise on payment of appointment fee to adjudicator? 28/10/12

510 Walter Lilly v Giles Mackay & DMW: Litigation following Adjudication 11th july 12

509 Squibb v Vertase: Attempting to set off against Adjudicators Award 10th July 2012

508 Beck v UK Flooring Contractors:What time period for a dispute to crystalise? 4th July 12

507 Beck v Classic Interiors: Attempting to set off against the adjudicators award 12/07/12 NONE
506 W W Gear v McGee: Concurrent litigation and adjudication what then? 1/6/12

505 R&C Electrical v Shaylor: Pay when Certified 15th May 2012

504 Working Environments ltd v Greencoat Construction ltd: Scope of Dispute at date of Notice and topics then brought in and blue pencil items outwith jur 26th April 2012

503 Walter Lilly & Co v Giles Mackay & DMW Dev. Legal prof Privilege does not apply to Claims Consultants. Is advice in adjudication privileged? 15th March 2012

502 Berry Piling Systems Ltd v Sheer Projects Ltd: Another frolic of his own? 21st Feb 2012

501 Herbosh -Kiere Marine Contractors Ltd v Dover Harbour Board [2012] Adjudicator frolic of his own but did not avoid enforcement 26th Jan 2012

500 NAP Anglia Ltd v Sun -Land Development Co Ltd : costs to enforce. 21st January 2012

499 SGL Carbon Fibres Ltd v RBG Ltd [2012]: Adjudication now in arbitration 27 Jan 2012 NONE
498 Highlands & Islands Authority Ltd v Shetland Islands Council: Adjudicator took counsel's opinion but didn't tell parties. No enforcement. 20th Jan 2012

497 Shepherd Construction Ltd v Pinsent Masons LLP: Aftermath of adjudications/advice of solicitor 19th Jan 2012 NONE
496 Lanes Group Plc v Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd (t/a Galliford Try Rail); Ct of Appeal: Non service of Referral/ Bias of adjudicator? 21st December 2011

495 Leander Construction Ltd v Mulalley & Company Ltd: Tolent (type) Clause fails 21st Dec 2011

494 Sprunt Ltd v London Borough of Camden: Camden said it was the adjuicator nominating body: rejected 6th December 2011

493 Partner Projects Ltd v Corinthian Nominees Ltd: Power to award interest 3rd November 2011 NONE
492 NAP Anglia Ltd v Sun -Land Development Co Ltd: Unfair time table? Exhausting Issues. Stay enforcement? 3rd Nov 2011

491 Carillion Construction Ltd. v Stephen Andrew Smith: No jurisdiction to decide (again) 10th Nov 2011

490 Alstom Power Ltd. v Somi Impianti S.R.L: 21st Oct 2011 NONE
488 Systech International Ltd v PC Harrington:Adj award unenforceable but his fee nevertheless payable (reversed in Ct Appeal Oct 2012 see case 513 above 27 Oct 2011

487 Witney BC v Beam: Jurisdiction: More than one dispute? 2nd Sept 2011 NONE
486 Hackney Empire Ltd v Aviva Insurance UK Ltd : Threatening Adjudication 21st September 2011 NONE
485 PHD Modular Systems v Seele: pre action disclosure requires real likelyhood that litigation will commence (7 adjudications already: what intention?) 8th August 2011 NONE
484 Hyder v Carillion Enforced: NEC Contract: Adj said to have breached nat justice by failing to advise methodology for target cost calculation 13th july NONE
483 Urang v Century Hotels: no withhoding notice so adjudicator would not look at the sum set off. Wrong approach in law but enforced nevertheless. 17th June 2011 NONE
482 Jerram Falkus v Fenice; Substantive disputes raised in previous adjudications finally tried out. 21st July 2011 NONE
481 Fenice Investments v Jerram Falkus Const: None payment of adjudicators fees 6h July NONE
480 Lanes v Galliford Try: second adjudicator was biased via expressing preliminary views with appaerance of an award 6th July 2011 NONE
479 Lanes V Galliford Try: Was first adjudicator biased? If no stop second adjudicator 7th April 2011 NONE
478 Lanes v Galliford Try: Deliberate none service of Referral. Then new adjudicator 19th April 2011 NONE
477 C R J Services v Lanstar ltd: Threshold jurisdiction: ajd Decision enforced 19th April 2011 NONE
476 P C Harrington v Tyroddy Construction ltd: Technical breach of natural justice. No enforcement 25 March 2011 NONE
475 Ellis Building v Goldstein: WP offer seen by adjudicator 18 February 2011 NONE
474 Durham County Council v Jeremy Kendall: S107 point and whether if disputes arise under more than one contract they are referable to a single adjudicat 31st March 2011 NONE
473 SGL Carbon Fibres v RBG: Scotland. NEC contract: Adjudicator took evidence from himself without putting to parties. Breach of natural justice. Decisio 31st March 2011 NONE
472 In the Petition of Mr & Mrs Paton (Scotland: did the adjudicator go on a frolic of his own?) 1st March 2011

471 Redwing v Wishart (Costs "CFA" and "After the Event Insurance") 17th Jan 2011 NONE
470 C N Associates v Holbeton ltd (Permission to Defend enforcement provided payment in made of sum awarded by adjudicator)(doubt as to correct defendant) 26th Jan 2011 NONE
469 Bell Building v Carfin Developments on appeal from 464 below 24th September 2010 NONE
468 Walter Llewellyn & Rok v Excell Bwk (NEC Contract) 22nd December 10 NONE
467 Redwing Construction ltd v Charles Wishart 22nd December 10

466 AMW Plumbing & Heating Ltd v Zoom Developments Ltd. Scotland. Retention payment "adequate machinery" 21st October 2010

465 City Inn v Shepherd (started originally in adjudication: now CA in Scotland) 22nd July 10

464 Bell Building v Carfin Deveopments (Scotland: was second adjudication a repeat of first?) 10th April 2010 NONE
463 David Clark v Argyle Consulting (Scottish case adjudication different to arbitration) 19th November 2010 NONE
462 W H Malcolm Ltd Judicial review (Scotland adjudication) 10th November 2010

461 Gibralter Residential Properties ltd v Gibralcon 2004SA 19th Oct 2010 NONE
460 Flannery v Holleran March 07 NONE
459 MBE v Honeywell 3rd Sept 2010 NONE
458 Bewley Homes v CNM Estates 31st October 10 NONE
457 Straw/Haymills v Shaftsbury House Dev 20th Oct 10 NONE
456 All Metal Roofing v Kamm (contracts in writing) 7th Oct 10

455 Volker Stevin v Holystone Contracts (nec dispute) 9th Sepember 2010

454 Aedifice Partnership v Ashwin Shah(Prof Services) Binding Decisions as to Jurisdiction? 10th August 2010

453 Nickleby v Somerfield: status of Decision when non binding Decision as to jurisdiction in error 30th July 10 NONE
452 UBC & Atholl (Scotland) errors in Decision (Adju No2) 14th July 2010

451 Atholl Developments & UBC (errors in Decision) Scotland 14th July 2010

450 Fileturn v Royal Garden Hotel (test for bias) 13th July 2010

449 Lorraine Lee v Chartered Properties (Building) Ltd 25th June 2010 NONE
448 Paul Price v Ian Carter Building Contractors 18th June 2010 NONE
447 Integrated Services t/a OPERON v PIHL UK ltd Scotland 1st July 2010

446 Anglian Water v Laing O'Rourke Utilities ltd (NEC3 Contract) 25th June 2010

445 Enterprise Managed Services v Tony McFadden Utilities: COSTS (and see case 411 above) 23 June 2010 NONE
444 RBG Limited v SGL Carbon Fibres Ltd (NEC3 Contract) 22nd June 2010

443 W W Gear Construction v McGee Group Ltd 21st June 2010 NONE
442 Rok Building ltd v Bestwood Carpentry Ltd 17th June 2010 NONE
441 Jean Shaw v James Scott Builders & Co (NEC3 Contract) 25th May 2010 NONE
440 Traditional Structures Ltd v H W Construction Ltd 26th May 2010 NONE
439 Flannery Construction v M Holleran ltd 14th March 2007 NONE
438 Pilon Ltd & Breyer Group PLC 23 April 10

437 Mayhaven & Bothma Oct 2009

436 Cleveland Bridge v Whessoe-Volker 13th May 2010 NONE
435 Yuanda (UK) Co Ltd v W W Gear Construction Ltd 13th April 2010

434 Wm Hare & Shepherd Construction: Ct Appeal and see case 389 18th March 2010 NONE
433 Mentmore Towers & Others v Packman Lucas 16th March

432 Naylor Construction Ltd v Acoustafoam (HHJ Grant ) December 09 NONENONE
431 Fleming Builders v Forrest (Inner House Scotland) 10th February 2010 NONE
430 Amec Group Ltd v Thames Water Utilities Ltd 24 February 2010

429 S G South Ltd v Swan Yard (Cirencester) Ltd 26 February 2010 NONE
428 Speymill Contracts Ltd v Eric Baskind CA 25 February 2010

427 Forest Heath District Council v ISG Jackson Ltd 22 February 2010 NONE
426 GPS Marine Contractors Ltd v Ringway Infrastructure Services Ltd 17 February 2010

425 Banner Holdings Ltd v Colchester Borough Council 29 January 2010 NONE
424 ROK Building Ltd v Celtic Composting Systems Ltd (No 2) 22 January 2010 NONE
423 Supablast (Nationwide) Ltd v Story Rail Ltd 21 January 2010 NONE
422 (1) Anglo Swiss Holdings Ltd, (2) Good Start Ltd, (3) Mentmore Towers Ltd v Packman Lucas Ltd 9 December 09 NONE
421 Geoffrey Osborne Ltd v Atkins Rail Ltd 8 October 2009

420 Knight Build Ltd v Urvasco Ltd 13 November 2008 NONE
419 Peter Mair v Mohammed Arshad October 07 NONE
418 Mr Christopher Shaw & Mrs Gabriele Shaw v MFP Foundations & Piling 6 Jan 2010 NONE
417 RWE Npower Plc v Alston Power Ltd 23 December 2009 NONE
416 Cynthia Jacques & Elise Jacques Grombach (Trading as C & E Jacques Partnership) v Ensign Contractors Ltd 22 December 2009

415 Castle Inns (Stirling) Ltd T/A Castle Leisure Group v Clark Contracts Ltd 22 December 2009 NONE
414 O'Donnell Developments Ltd v Build Ability Ltd 18 December 2009 NONE
413 Buildability Ltd v O'Donnell Developments Ltd 8 December 2009 NONE
412 Fenice Investments Inc v Jerram Falkus Construction Ltd 7 December 2009 NONE
411 Enterprise Managed Services Ltd v Tony Mcfadden Utilities Ltd 2 December 2009

410 Allied P & L Ltd v Paradigm Housing Group Ltd 17 November 2009 NONE
409 Beck Interiors Ltd v Dr Mario Luca Russo 29 July 2009 NONE
408 Coventry Scaffolding Co (London) Ltd v Lancsville Construction Ltd 12 November 2009 NONE
407 Southern Electric v Mead Realisations 4 November 2009 NONE
406 ROK Building Ltd v Celtic Composting Systems Ltd 30 October 2009 NONE
405 S G South Ltd v (1) King's Head Cirencester LLP (2) Corn Hall Arcade Ltd 29 October 2009 NONE
404 Estor Ltd v Multifit (UK) Ltd 23 October 2009

403 Ericsson AB v EADS Defence and Security Systems Ltd 22 October 2009 NONE
402 London Borough of Camden v Makers UK Ltd 9 October 2009

401 JPA Design & Build Ltd v Sentosa (UK) Ltd and Sentosa (UK) Ltd and JPA Design & Build Ltd 28 September 2009 NONE
400 Balfour Beatty Engineering Services (HY) Ltd v Shepherd Construction Ltd 1 September 2009 NONE
399 Mr S G Hart T/A D W Hart & Son v Mr Dennis Smith (1) Mrs Jacqui Smith (2) 3 September 2009

398 Estor Ltd v Multifit (UK) Ltd 11 August 2009

397 Camillin Denny Architects Ltd v Adelaide Jones & Co Ltd 11 August 2009 NONE
396 Adonis Construction v O'Keefe Soil Remediation 5 August 2009 NONE
395 Vision Homes Ltd v Lancsville Construction Ltd 4 August 2009 NONE
394 Workspace Management Ltd v YJL London Ltd 28 July 2009 NONE
393 Jim Ennis Construction Ltd v Premier Asphalt Ltd 24 July 2009 NONE
393 Jim Ennis Construction Ltd v Premier Asphalt Ltd 24 July 2009 NONE
392 Windglass Windows v Capital Skyline Construction 14th July 09 NONE
391 Barr Ltd v Klin Investments UK Ltd 17th July 09

390 Aceramais Holdings v Hadleigh Partneship ltd 8th July 09 NONE
389 William Hare Ltd v Shepherd Construction Ltd 25th June 09 NONE
388 North Midland Construction v AE & E Lentjes 18th June 09

387 Primus Build Ltd v Pompey Centre & Slidesilver Ltd 16th June 09

386 Bovis Lend Lease v Cofely Engineerib 7th May 09 NONE
385 Letchworth Roofing Ltd v Sterling Building Co 5th May 09 NONE
384 HS Works Ltd v Enterprise Managed Services Ltd 8th April 09

382 Camden v Makers 27th March 09

382 Rupert Cordle v Vanessa Nicholson 6th April QBD apply to for judgment 6th April 09 NONE
381 Mr & Mrs Shaw v Massey Foundations & Pilings (MFP) 12th March 09 NONE
380 Linnett v Halliwells Llp 24th February 09 NONE
379 Mead General Building v Dartmoor Properties Ltd 4th Feb 09

378 YCMS ltd (t/a Young Construction Management Services) v Grabiner & Anor 31st Jan 09 NONE
377 Thermal Energy Construction v AE & E Lentjes UK Ltd 30th Jan 09

376 Bovis Lend Lease Ltd v The Trustees of the London Clinic 28-Jan-09 NONE
375 Able Construction (UK) Ltd v Forest Property Development Ltd 27-Jan-09 NONE
374 D G Williamson Limited v Northern Ireland Prison Service 27-Jan-09 NONE
373 Dalkia Energy and Technical Services Ltd v Bell Group UK Ltd 21-Jan-09 NONE
372 Dorchester Hotel Ltd v Vivid Interiors Ltd 19-Jan-08

371 OSC Building Services Ltd v Interior Dimensions Contracts Ltd 08-Jan-09

370 Euro Construction Scaffolding Ltd v SLLB Construction Ltd 19-Dec-08 NONE
369 Curot Contracts Limited, t/a Dimension Shop Fitting v Castle Inns (Stirling) Limited, t/a Castle Leisure Group 16-Dec-08

368 Gipping Construction Ltd v Eaves Ltd 11-Dec-08

367 Walter Lilly & Co Ltd v DMW Developments Ltd 11-Dec-08 NONE
366 Air Design (Kent) Ltd v Deerglen (Jersey) Ltd 10-Dec-08 NONE
365 Westwood Structural Services Ltd v Blyth Wood Park Management Company Ltd 09-Dec-08 NONE
364 PT Building Services Ltd v ROK Build Ltd 08-Dec-08 NONE
363 Quartzelec Ltd v Honeywell Control Systems Ltd 05-Dec-08

362 Balfour Beatty Construction Northern Ltd v Modus Corovest (Blackpool) Ltd 04-Dec-08 NONE
361 Allen Wilson Joinery Ltd v Privetgrange Construction Ltd 17-Nov-08

360 Coleraine Skip Hire Limited v Ecomesh Limited 27-Oct-08 NONE
359 Kier Regional Ltd (t/a Wallis) v City & General (Holborn) Ltd & Ors 17-Oct-08 NONE
358 Birmingham City Council v Paddison Construction Ltd 25-Sep-08

357 Vitpol Building Service v Samen 16-Sep-08 NONE
356 Benfield Construction Ltd v Trudson (Hatton) Ltd 17-Sep-08

355 Treasure & Son Ltd v Dawes 15-Sep-08

354 Norwest Holst Limited v Carfin Developments Limited 18-Sep-08 NONE
353 VGC Construction Ltd v Jackson Civil Engineering Ltd 15-Aug-08

352 CSC Braehead v Laing 19-Aug-08 NONE
351 CJP Builders Ltd v William Verry Ltd: Late service of Response; adj had discretion to extend time under DOM1 subcontract 15-Aug-08 NONE
350 Makers UK Ltd v London Borough of Camden 25-Jul-08

349 Fleming Buildings Ltd v Hives 15-Jul-08 NONE
348 Cubitt Building and Interiors Limited - and - Richardson Roofing (Industrial) Limited 09-May-08 NONE
347 Avoncroft Construction Ltd v Sharba Homes (CN) Ltd 29-Apr-08 NONE
346 L Brown v Crosby Homes 23-Apr-08 NONE
345 T & T Fabrications Ltd v Hubbard Architectural Metalwork Ltd 21-Apr-08 NONE
344 Taylor Woodrow v RMD Kwickform 17-Apr-08 NONE
343 Aedas Architects Ltd v Skanska Construction UK Ltd 17-Apr-08 NONE
342 Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions v Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd 02-Apr-08 NONE
341 Enterprise Managed Services Ltd v East Midland Contracting Ltd 27-Mar-08 NONE
340 London Underground Ltd v Metronet Rail BCV Ltd 14-Mar-08 NONE
339 Edenbooth Limited v Cre8 Developments Limited 13-Mar-08 NONE
338 Cantillon Limited v Urvasco Limited 27-Feb-08

337 Reinwood Limited v L Brown & Sons Limited HL 20-Feb-08

336 Amber Construction Services Limited v London Interspace HG Limited 18-Dec-07 NONE
335 P C Harrington Contractors Limited v Multiplex Constructions (UK) Limited 30-Nov-07 NONE
334 Mrs Sandra Williams trading as Sanclair Construction v Abdul Noor trading as India Kitchen 29-Nov-07 NONE
333 Ledwood Mechanical Engineering Ltd v Whessoe Oil and Gas Ltd 20-Nov-07 NONE
332 Harris Calnan Construction Co. Ltd v Ridgewood (Kensington) Ltd 15-Nov-07 NONE
331 Ringway Infrastructure Services Limited v Vauxhall Motors Limited No 2 30-Oct-07 NONE
330 Treasure & Son Limited v Martin Dawes 25-Oct-07

329 Ringway Infrastructure Services Limited v Vauxhall Motors Limited 23-Oct-07 NONE
328 Leading Rule v Phoenix Interiors Ltd 03-Oct-07 NONE
327 Pierce Design International Ltd v Mark Johnston and Another 17-Jul-07 NONE
326 Stewart Dunn v Glass Systems (UK) Limited 11-Jul-07 NONE
325 John Stirling trading as M & S Contracts v Westminster Properties Scotland Limited 09-Jul-07

324 DGT Steel and Cladding Limited v Cubitt Building and Interiors Limited 04-Jul-07

323 Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (UK) Limited v Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 29-Jun-07 NONE
322 Reinwood Limited v L Brown & Sons Limited 21-Jun-07

321 AC Yule & Son Limited v Speedwell Roofing & Cladding Limited 31-May-07 NONE
320 A.R.T. Consultancy Limited v Navera Trading Limited 31-May-07 NONE
319 Mott MacDonald Limited v London & Regional Properties Limited      23-May-07

318 Mast Electrical Services v Kendall Cross Holdings Limited 17-May-07 NONE
317 David and Teresa Bothma t/a DAB Builders v Mayhaven Healthcare Limited 14-May-07 NONE
316 Steve Domsalla (trading as Domsalla Building Services) v Kenneth Dyason 04-May-07

315 Hatmet Ltd v Herbert (t/a LMS Lift Consultancy) 18-Nov-05 NONE
314 Melville Dundas Limited (in receivership) –v- George Wimpey UK Limited HL 25-Apr-07 NONE
313 Ruttle Plant Hire Limited v The Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 29-Sep-04 NONE
312 M. Rohde Construction v Nicholas Markham-David 20-Mar-07 NONE
311 Claymore Services Ltd v Nautilus Property Ltd 20-Mar-07 NONE
310 R. C. Pillar & Son v The Camber 15-Mar-07 NONE
309 Multiplex Construction (UK) Ltd v Honeywell Control Systems Ltd No 2 06-Mar-07 NONE
308 Honeywell Control Systems Ltd v Multiplex Construction (UK) Ltd 27-Feb-07 NONE
307 Hart Investments Ltd v Larkpark Ltd 09-Feb-07

306 G Middleton Ltd v Berry Creek Overseas Development Ltd 09-Feb-07 NONE
305 Multiplex Construction (UK) Ltd v Honeywell Control Systems Ltd 08-Feb-07 NONE
304 L Brown & Sons ltd v Crosby Homes (North West) Ltd 05-Dec-05 NONE
303 Castle Inns (Stirling) Ltd t/a Castle Leisure Group v Clarke Contracts Ltd 06-Feb-07

302 HG Construction Ltd v Ashwell Homes (East Anglia) Ltd 01-Feb-07 NONE
301 Aveat Heating Ltd v Jerram Falkus Construction Ltd 01-Feb-07

300 Multiplex Construction (UK) Ltd v Cleveland Bridge (UK) Ltd No 2 31-Jan-07 NONE
299 Lead Technical Service Ltd v CMS Medical Ltd 30-Jan-07

298 Bennett (Electrical) Services Ltd v Inviron Ltd 19-Jan-07 NONE
297 Epping Electrical Ltd v Briggs & Forrester (Plumbing Services) Ltd 19-Jan-07 NONE
296 Shalson v DF Keane Ltd 21-Feb-03 NONENONE
295 Multiplex Construction (UK) Ltd v Mott Macdonald Ltd 10-Jan-07

294 Humes Building Contracts Limited v Charlotte Homes (Surrey) Limited 04-Jan-07 NONENONE
293 Cubitt Building & Interiors Ltd v Fleetglade Ltd 21-Dec-06

292 Multiplex Construction (UK) Ltd v Cleveland Bridge (UK) Ltd 20-Dec-06 NONE
291 Quietfield Ltd v Vascroft Construction Ltd CA 20-FEB-06

290 ROK Build Ltd Harris Wharf Development Company Ltd 15-Dec-06 NONE
289 Nageh v Giddings 08-Dec-06 NONE
288 Bothma D & T t/a DAB Builders v Mayhaven Healthcare Ltd 16-Nov-06 NONE
287 Thomas Vale Construction plc v Brookside Syston Ltd 14-Nov-06 NONE
286 South West Contractors Limited v Birakos Enterprises Limited 07-Nov-06 NONE
285 Hart Investments Ltd v Fidler Not a construction contract/ Referral too late/insolvency 03-Nov-06 NONE
284 Chorus Group v Berner BVI Ltd 01-Nov-06 NONE
283 R J Knapman Limited v Richards And Others 12-Oct-06 NONE
282 Gray & Sons Builders (Bedford) Limited v Essential Box Company Limited 11-Oct-06 NONE
281 McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd v National Grid Gas Plc (Formerly Transco Plc) 03-Oct-06 NONE
280 Melville Dundas Ltd v Hotel Corporation of Edinburgh Ltd 07-Sep-06 NONE
279 Management Solutions & Professional Consultants Limited v Bennett (Electrical) Services Limited No 2 23-Aug-06

278 Ale Heavy Lift v MSD (Darlington) Ltd 31-Jul-06 NONE
277 Monovan Construction Ltd v Davenport No 2 17-Jul-06 NONE
276 Medlock Products Ltd v SCC Construction Ltd 13-Jul-06 NONENONE
275 Management Solutions & Professional Consultants Limited v Bennett (Electrical) Services Limited No 1 10-Jul-06 NONE
274 Redworth Construction Limited- and - Brookdale Healthcare Limited 31-Jul-06

273 Harlow & Milner Ltd- and - Mrs Linda Teasdale No 3 07-Jul-06 NONE
272 City Inn Limited and Shepherd Construction Limited 20-Jun-06 NONE
271 Hillview Industrial Developments (Uk) Ltd - and - Botes Building Ltd. 07-Jun-06 NONENONE
270 Multiplex Construction (UK) Ltd v West India Quay Development Co (Eastern) Ltd 08-Jun-06 NONE
269 Multiplex Construction (UK) Ltd v Cleveland Bridge (UK) Ltd 05-Jun-06 NONE
268 Midland Expressway Limited- and -(1) Carillion Construction Limited (No. 3) 13-Jun-06 NONE
267 Balfour Beatty Ltd v Gilcomston North Ltd 23-May-07 NONE
266 Birse Construction Ltd v HLC Engenharia E Gestato De Projectos SA 02-May-06 NONE
265 Westdawn Refurbishments Limited- and - Roselodge Limited 25-Apr-06 NONENONE
264 M. Rohde Construction v Nicholas Markham-David 20-Mar-06 NONE
263 William Verry Limited - v -The Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Camden 20-Mar-06

262 Harlow & Milner Ltd v Teasdale(No. 2) 15-Mar-06 NONE
261 Capital Structures PLC v Time & Tide Construction Ltd 08-Mar-06 NONE
260 Kier Regional Limited (T/A Wallis) v City & General (Holborn) Limited 06-Mar-06

259 Scrabster Harbour Trust v Mowlem Marine (Reclaiming Motion) 22-Feb-06 NONE
258 John Roberts Architects Limited v Parkcare Homes (No. 2) Limited 09-Feb-06 NONE
257 Cunningham v Collett & Farmer (A Firm) 09-Feb-06 NONE
256 Multiplex Construction (Uk) Limited v Honeywell Control Systems Limited 08-Feb-06 NONE
255 Interserve Industrial Services Limited v Cleveland Bridge Uk Limited 06-Feb-06 NONE
254 Quietfield Limited v Vascroft Contractors Limited 02-Feb-06

253 Tera Construction v LAM 28-Nov-05 NONE
252 Full Metal Jacket v Gowlain 09-Dec-05 NONE
251 Baris Ltd v Kajima Construction Europe (UK) Ltd 20-Jan-06 NONE
250 Michael John Construction Limited v (1) Richard Henry Golledge (2) Desmond Fielding Childs (3) Mario Carlo Carpanini (4) Robert Matthews 20-Jan-06 NONE
249 Harlow & Milner Ltd v Linda Teasdale 16-Jan-06 NONE
248 Rankilor (Dr Peter) & Perco Engineering Service Ltd v Igoe (M) Ltd 27-Jan-06

247 David Mclean Contractors Limited v The Albany Building Limited 10-Nov-05 NONE
246 Ardmore Construction Limited v Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd 12-Jan-06

245 Andrew Wallace Limited v Artisan Regeneration Limited (2) Artisan Holdings Limited 21-Dec-05 NONE
244 Pynes Three v Transco 22-Jul-05 NONE
243 Castle Inns (Stirling) Limited –v- Clark Contracts Limited 29-Dec-05 NONE
242 Midland Expressway Ltd – v - Carillion Construction Ltd & Others 24-Nov-05 NONE
241 Midland Expressway Ltd – v - Carillion Construction Ltd & Others 14-Nov-05 NONE
240 Captiva Estates Ltd - and - Rybarn Ltd (In Administration) 11-Nov-05 NONE
239 Bath and North East Somerset District Council- v - Mowlem plc 20-Feb-04 NONE
238 Hackwood Ltd- v - Areen Design Services Ltd 31-Oct-05 NONE
237 Hortimax Ltd v Hedon Salads Ltd 15-Oct-04 NONE
236 All In One Building & Refurbishments Limited- v - Makers UK Limited 19-Dec-05

235 Melville Dundas Limited (in receivership) –v- George Wimpey UK Limited 15-Dec-05

234 Carillion Construction Limited -v- Devonport Royal Dockyard CA 16-Nov-05

233 Lloyd Projects Limited v John Malnick 22-Jul-05 NONE
232 Bryen & Langley Limited- and - Martin Boston CA 29-Jul-05

231 Masons (A Firm) v (1) W D King Limited (2) Prospect Gardens (Bath) Limited 17-Dec-03 NONE
230 CPL Contracting Ltd v Cadenza Residential Ltd 26-Aug-04 NONE
229 John Roberts Architects Ltd v Parkcare Homes No2 Ltd 25-Jul-05 NONE
228 Surplant v Ballast 28 Oct 02 NONE
227 Mr. Tracy Bennett - v - FMK Construction Limited 30-Jun-05

226 Lafarge (Aggregates) Limited - v - London Borough of Newham 21-Jun-05 NONE
225 Scrabster Harbour Trust v Mowlem Marine 23-Mar-05 NONE
224 Allen Wilson Shopfitters - v - Mr. Anthony Buckingham 27-May-05 NONE
223 Wimbledon Construction Company 2000 Limited –v- Derek Vago 20-May-05

222 Geris Handelsgesellschaft GmbH –v- Les Construction Industrielles de la Mediterrannee S.A. 11-Feb-05 NONE
221 Carillion Construction Limited -v- Devonport Royal Dockyard 26-Apr-05 NONE
220 Ritchie Brothers (PWC) Limited –v- David Philp (Commercials) Limited 24-Mar-05

219 Palmac Contracting Limited –v- Park Lane Estates Limited 22-Mar-05

218 Amec Civil Engineering Ltd- v- Secretary Of State For Transport CA 17-Mar-05 NONE
217 David John Cartwright –v- Miss Lydia Fay 09-Feb-05 NONE
216 Balfour Beatty Construction -v- Serco Limited 21-Dec-04 NONE
215 Amec Civil Engineering Ltd- v- Secretary Of State For Transport 11-Oct-04 NONE
214 Harvey Shopfitters Limited -v- ADI Limited CA 13-Nov-03 NONE
213 Connex South Eastern Ltd -v- M J Building Services Group plc CA 01-Mar-05

212 Trustees Of The Stratfield Saye Estate -v- AHL Construction Limited 06-Dec-04 NONE
211 William Verry (Glazing Systems) - v - Furlong Homes Ltd 13-Jan-05

210 GPN Limited (In Receivership) –v- O2 (Uk) Limited 22-Oct-04 NONE
209 Bryen & Langley Limited -v- Martin Rodney Boston 04-Nov-04

208 Collins (Contractors) Limited-v- Baltic Quay Management (1994) Limited 07-Dec-04 NONE
207 CIB Properties Limited-v-Birse Construction 19-Oct-04

206 A & S Enterprises Limited -v- Kema Holdings Limited 27-Jul-04

205 Emcor Drake & Scull Ltd v Costain Construction Ltd 29-Oct-04

204 AMEC Capital Projects Limited v Whitefriars City Estate Limited CA 28-Oct-04

203 Melville Dundas Limited (In Receivership), (2) Colin Peter Dempster, and (3) Thomas Merchant v George Wimpey UK Limited 22-Oct-04 NONE
202 Murray Building Services v Spree Developments 30-Jul-04

201 Rossco Civil Engineering Ltd v DWR Cymru Cyfngdic 15-Jul-04 NONENONE
200 Connex South Eastern Limited v MJ Building Services Group PLC 25-Jun-04 NONE
199 William Verry v North West London Communal Mikvah 11-Jun-04 NONE
198 McAlpine PPS Pipeline Systems Joint Venture v Transco PLC 12-May-04

197 Alstom Signalling Limited (Trading As Alstom Transport Information Solutions) v Jarvis Facilities Limited 28-May-04 NONE
196 M.J, Gleeson Group Plc v Devonshire Green Holding Limited 19-Mar-04 NONE
195 AWG Construction Services Limited v Rockingham Motor Speedway Limited 05-Apr-04

194 BAL (1996) Ltd. v Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd. 23-Jan-04

193 Conor Engineering Limited v Les Constructions Industrielles de la Mediterranee (CNIM) SA 05-Apr-04 NONE
192 Hurst Stores And Interiors Ltd v M L Europe Property Ltd 01-Apr-04 NONE
191 Buxton Building Contractors Ltd. v Governors of Durand Primary School 12-Mar-04

190 Ritchie Brothers (PWC) Limited v David Philp (Commercials) Limited 14-Apr-04 NONE
189 Ml Europe Property Limited v Hurst Stores And Interiors Limited 29-Sep-03 NONENONE
188 Barnes & Elliott Limited v Taylor Woodrow Holdings Limited 20-Jun-03 NONE
187 AMEC Capital Projects Limited v Whitefriars City Estate Limited 27-Feb-04 NONE
186 Branlow Ltd v Dem-Master Demolition 26-Feb-04 NONE
185 Westminster Building Company Ltd. v Beckingham 20-Feb-04

184 Specialist Ceiling Contractors v ZVI Construction 01-Mar-04

183 RSL (South West) v Stansell ( Application leave to appeal) 01-Sep-03 NONE
182 Citex Professional Services Limited v Kenmore Developments Limited 28-Jan-04 NONE
181 The Highland Council 23-Jan-04 NONE
180 IDE Contracting Limited v R G Carter Cambridge Limited 16-Jan-04 NONE
179 London & Amsterdam Properties Limited v Waterman Partnership Limited 15-Dec-03 NONE
178 Gillies Ramsay Diamond v PJW Enterprises Limited 24-Dec-03

177 Costain Limited v Strathclyde Builders Limited 17-Dec-03 NONE
176 Prentice Island Limited v Castle Contracting Limited 15-Dec-03 NONE
175 Galliford Try Construction Limited v Michael Heal Associates Limited 01-Dec-03 NONE
174 Tally Wiejl (UK) Limited v Pegram Shopfitters Limited 21-Nov-03

173 Rupert Morgan Building Services (LLC) Ltd v David Jervis and Harriet Jervis 12-Nov-03 NONE
172 Simons Construction Limited v Aardvark Developments Limited 29-Oct-03 NONE
171 Dean And Dyball Construction Limited v Kenneth Grubb Associates Limited 28-Oct-03 NONE
170 Thomas Fredric's (Construction) Limited-v- Keith Wilson 21-Oct-03 NONE
169 J W Hughes Building Contractors Limited v GB Metalwork Limited 03-Oct-03 NONE
168 AMEC Capital Projects Limited v Whitefriars City Estate Limited 19-Sep-03 NONE
167 Van Oord ACZ Limited And Harbour & General Works Limited 10-Sep-03 NONE
166 GW Integrated Building Services v G & M Floorlayers 18-Jul-01 NONENONE
165 Highland Council v Construction Centre Group Ltd 01-Aug-03 NONE
164 Abbey Developments v PP Brickwork Ltd 04-Jul-03 NONE
163 Hurst Stores & Interiors Ltd v ML Europe Property Ltd 25-Jun-03 NONE
162 Bracken and another v Billinghurst 10-Jun-03 NONE
161 Lovell Projects Ltd -v- Legg and Carver 01-Jul-03 NONE
160 RSL (SouthWest) Ltd v Stansell Ltd 16-Jun-03 NONE
159 Costain Ltd v Wescol Steel Ltd 24-Jan-03 NONE
158 Shimizu Europe Ltd v LBJ Fabrications Ltd 29-May-03 NONE
157 Orange EBS Ltd v ABB Ltd 22-May-03

156 City Inn Ltd v Shepherd Construction Ltd 20-May-03 NONE
155 Galliford Northern v Markel UK Ltd 12-May-03 NONE
154 Pring & St Hill Ltd v C J Hafner 31-Jul-02 NONE
153 Comsite Projects v Andritz Ltd 30-Apr-03 NONE
152 Beck Peppiat v Norwest Holst 20-Mar-03

151 The Construction Centre Group Limited v The Highland Council 11-Apr-03 NONE
150 Deko Scotland Limited v Edinburgh Royal Joint Venture et al 11-Apr-03 NONE
149 Hills Electrical & Mechanical PLC v Dawn Construction Limited 07-Apr-03 NONE
148 St Andrews Bay Development v HBG 20-Mar-03 NONE
147 Mohammed v Bowles 14-Mar-02 NONE
146 Trustees of the Harbour of Peterhead v Lilley Construction Ltd 01-Apr-03 NONE
145 R. Durtnell & Sons Limited v Kaduna Limited 19-Mar-03

144 Harvey Shopfitters Ltd v ADI Ltd 06-Mar-03 NONE
143 Hart Builders (Edinburgh) Ltd v St Andrew Ltd 10-Jan-03 NONE
142 Pegram Shopfitters Limited v Tally Wiejl (UK) Limited 14-Feb-03 NONE
141 Vaughan Engineering v Hinkins & Frewin 03-Mar-03 NONE
140 Hitec Power Protection v MCI Worldcom Ltd 15-Aug-02 NONE
139 Dumarc Building Service Ltd v Mr Salvador-Rico 01-May-02 NONENONE
138 Martin Girt v Page Bentley 12-Apr-02 NONE
137 Hart Builders (Edinburgh) Ltd v St Andrew Ltd 20-Aug-02 NONE
136 Try Construction Ltd v Eton Town House Group Ltd 28-Jan-03 NONE
135 Picardi v Mr & Mrs Cuniberti 19-Dec-02 NONE
134 Cowlin Construction Limited v CFW Architects 15-Nov-02 NONE
133 AJ Brenton t/a Manton Electrical Components v Jack Palmer 19-Jan-01 NONE
132 Joinery Plus Limited v Laing Limited 01-Jan-03 NONE
131 Ferson Contractors Limited v Levolux AT Limited 22-Jan-03

130 Carrillion Construction Ltd v Royal Devonport Dockyard Ltd 27-Nov-02 NONE
129 A v B 17-Dec-02 NONE
128 Baldwins Industrial Services PLC v Barr Ltd 06-Dec-02 NONE
127 Debeck Ductwork Installation Ltd v T&E Engineering Ltd 14-Oct-02 NONE
126 Guardi Shoes Ltd v Datum Contracts 28-Oct-02 NONE
125 Ballast plc v The Burrell Company (Construction Management) Ltd 17-Dec-02 NONE
124 Skanska Construction Ltd v The ERDC Group Ltd 28-Nov-02

123 Levolux AT Limited v Ferson Contractors Limited 26-Jun-02 NONE
122 Bovis Lend Lease Limited vTriangle Development Limited 25-Oct-02

121 The Construction Centre Group v The Highland Council 23-Aug-02 NONE
120 Fab-Tek Engineering Ltd v Carillion Construction Ltd 01-Mar-02 NONE
119 Gibson v Imperial Homes 27-Feb-02 NONE
118 Edinburgh Royal Joint Venture 02-Aug-02 NONE
117 Herschell Engineering Ltd -v- Breen Property Ltd No 2 28-Jul-00 NONE
116 J. T. Mackley & Company Limited v Gosport Marina Limited 03-Jul-02 NONE
115 Quality Street Properties (Trading) Limited v Elmwood (Glasgow) Limited 08-Feb-02 NONE
114 Gillies Ramsay Diamond v PJW Enterprises Limited 27-Jun-02 NONE
113 Sim Group Ltd v Neil Jack 05-Jun-02 NONE
112 Earls Terrace Properties Limited v Waterloo Investments Limited 14-Feb-02 NONE
111 Va Tech Wabag UK Limited v Morgan Est (Scotland) Limited 30-May-02 NONE
110 Watkins Jones & Son Ltd v Lidl UK GmbH 27-Dec-01 NONE
109 Canary Riverside Development v Timtec International 09-Nov-00 NONE
108 Impresa Castelli SpA v Cola Holdings Ltd 02-May-02 NONE
107 Barry D Trentham Limited v Lawfield Investments Limited 03-May-02 NONE
106 Clark Contracts Ltd v The Burrell Co (Construction Management) Ltd 01-Jan-02 NONE
105 R G Carter v Edmund Nuttall 18-Apr-02 NONE
104 Pro Design Ltd v New Millenium Experience Company Ltd 26-Sep-01 NONE
103 Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd v The Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Lambeth 12-Apr-02

102 Parsons Plastics (Research & Development) Ltd v Purac Ltd 12-Apr-02 NONE
101 Ashley House Plc v Galliers Southern Ltd 15-Feb-02 NONENONE
100 Chamberlain Carpentry & Joinery Ltd v Alfred McAlpine Construction Ltd 25-Mar-02

99 Edmund Nuttall Ltd v R. G. Carter Ltd 21-Mar-02 NONE
98 RJT Consulting Engineers Ltd. v DM Engineering (Northern Ireland) Ltd. CA 08-Mar-02

97 Watkin Jones & Son Limited v Lidl UK GMBH 01-Feb-02 NONE
96 Total M & E Services Ltd v ABB Technologies Ltd 26-Feb-02 NONE
95 Solland International Ltd v Daraydan Holdings Ltd 15-Feb-02

94 Isovel Contracts (In Administration) v ABB Technologies Ltd 30-Nov-01 NONE
93 Britcon (Scunthorpe) Ltd v Lincolnfields Ltd 29-Aug-01 NONE
92 C & B Scenes Concept Design v Isobars Ltd CA 31-Jan-02 NONE
91 Karl Construction v Sweeney Civil Engineering 22-Jan-02

90 Shimizu Europe Ltd v Automajor Ltd 17-Jan-02 NONE
89 Jerome v Lloyd Morris 23-Nov-01 NONE
88 McAlpine v Pring & St Hill 02-Oct-01 NONENONE
87 Oakley v Airclear 04-Oct-01 NONE
86 Paul Jensen v Stavely 27-Sep-01

85 Durabella v Jarvis 19-Sep-01 NONE
84 Parsons Plastics v Purac Ltd 13-Aug-01 NONE
83 Stubbs Rich v Tolley 08-Aug-01

82 Maxi Construction Management Limited v Mortons Rolls Limited 07-Aug-01 NONE
81 Millers v Nobles 03-Aug-01 NONE
80 Yarm Road v Costain 30-Jul-01 NONE
79 David McLean v Swansea 27-Jul-01

78 S L Timber Systems Limited v Carillion Construction Limited 27-Jun-01

77 Gibson Lea Retail Interiors Ltd v Makro Self Service Wholesalers Ltd 27-Jul-01

76 City Inn Limited v Shepherd Construction Limited 17-Jul-01 NONE
75 British Waterways Board 05-Jul-01 NONE
74 Bickerton Construction Limited v Temple Windows Limited 26-Jun-01 NONE
73 William Naylor, t/a Powerfloated Concrete Floors v Greenacres Curling Limited 26-Jun-01 NONE
72 C&B Scene Concept Design Ltd v Isobars Ltd 05-Oct-01

71 Mecright v T A Morris 22-Jun-01 NONE
70 Ballast Plc v The Burrell Company (Construction Management) Ltd 21-Jun-01 NONE
69 Sindall Ltd v Solland & Others 15-Jun-01

68 Barr Limited v Law Mining Limited 15-Jun-01 NONE
67 Mitsui Babcock Energy Services Limited 13-Jun-01 NONE
66 Faithful & Gould v Arcal Limited 25-May-01 NONE
65 Re A Company (Number 1299 of 2001) 15-May-01 NONE
64 Fence Gate Limited v James R Knowles Limited 31-May-01

63 RJT Consulting Engineers Ltd v DM Engineering (N.I.) Ltd 09-May-01 NONE
62 Farebrother Building Services Limited v Frogmore Investments Limited 20-Apr-01

61 Discain Project Services Ltd v Opecprime Development Ltd No2 11-Apr-01

60 Austin Hall Building Limited v Buckland Securities Limited 11-Apr-01

59 Watson Building Services Limited 13-Mar-01

58 Joseph Finney Plc v Gordon Vickers and Gary Vickers t/a Mill Hotel (A Firm) 07-Mar-01 NONE
57 Holt Insulation Limited v Colt International Limited 02-Feb-01

56 Staveley Industries Plc (t/a EI.WHS) v Odebrecht Oil & Gas Services Ltd 28-Feb-01 NONE
55 Rainford House Limited (In Admin Rec) v Cadogan Limited 13-Feb-01

54 Glencot Development and Design Co Ltd v Ben Barrett & Son (Contractors) Limited 13-Feb-01

53 LPL Electrical Services Ltd v Kershaw Mechanical Services Ltd 02-Feb-01

52 Karl Construction (Scotland) Ltd v Sweeney Civil Engineering (Scotland) Ltd 21-Dec-00

51 ABB Zatingh Ltd v Zedal Building Services Ltd 12-Dec-00

50 Maymac Environmental Services Ltd v Faraday Building Services Ltd 16-Oct-00 NONE
49 Harwood v Lantrode 24-Nov-00 NONE
48 Woods Hardwick v Chiltern Air Conditioning 02-Oct-00

47 Cygnet Health Care v Higgins City Ltd 07-Sep-00 NONENONE
46 Elanay Contracts Ltd v The Vestry 30-Aug-00

45 Universal Music Operations Ltd –v- Flairnote Ltd & Anr 24-Aug-00 NONENONE
44 Discain Project Services Ltd v Opecprime Developments Ltd No.1 09-Aug-00

43 Whiteways Contractors (Sussex) Limited -v- Impresa Castelli Construction UK Limited 09- Aug-00

42 ABB Power Construction Ltd -v- Norwest Holst Engineering Ltd 01-Aug-00

41 Bouygues (UK) Ltd -v- Dahl Jensen Ltd 31-Jul-00 NONE
41 Gibralter Residential properties ltd v Gibralcon 2004 SA 19th Oct 2010 NONE
40 Shepherd Construction Limited v Mecright Limited 27-Jul-00

39 George Park -v- The Fenton Gretton Partnership 24-Jul-00 NONE
38 Ken Griffin & John Tomlinson T/a K & D Contractors -v- Midas Homes Limited 21-Jul-00 NONE
37 KNS Industrial Services (Birmingham) Limited -v- Sindall Limited 14-Jul-00

36 Nottingham Community Housing Association Limited -v- Powerminster Limited 30-Jun-00

35 Stiell Limited -v- Riema Control Systems Limited (Scottish Case) 23-Jun-00 NONE
34 R G Carter Limited -v- Edmund Nuttall Limited 21-Jun-00 NONE
33 Christiani & Nielsen Ltd v The Lowry Centre Development Company Limited 16-Jun-00

32 John Mowlem & Company Plc -and- Hydra-Tight Ltd (t/a Hevilifts) 06-Jun-00

31 Strathmore Building Service Limited -v- Colin Scott Greig t/a Hestia Fireside Design 18-May-00

30 Edmund Nuttall -v- Sevenoaks DC 14-Apr-00

29 Nordot Engineering Services Limited -v- Siemens plc 14-Apr-00 NONE
28 Herschell Engineering Ltd -v- Breen Property Ltd 14-Apr-00

27 Tim Butler Contractors Limited -v- Merewood Homes Limited 12-Apr-00

26 Bridgeway Construction Ltd -v- Tolent Construction 11-Apr-00

25 Bloor Construction (UK) Ltd v Bowmer & Kirkland (London) Ltd 05-Apr-00

24 Absolute Rentals Ltd -v- Gencor Enterprises Ltd 01-Feb-00 NONE
23 Grovedeck Limited -v- Capital Demolition Ltd 24-Feb-00

22 Nolan Davis Ltd -and- Steven P Catton 22-Feb-00

21 Atlas Ceiling & Partitions Co Ltd -v- Crowngate (Cheltenham) Ltd 18-Feb-00 NONE
20 Workplace Technologies Plc v E Squared Limited and Mr J L Riches 16-Feb-00

19 F W Cook Ltd -v- Shimizu (UK) Ltd 04-Feb-00 NONE
18 Samuel Thomas Construction Ltd -v- J & B Developments 28-Jan-00

17 Northern Developments (Cumbria) Ltd -v- J J Nichol 24-Jan-00

16 VHE Construction Plc -v- RBSTB Trust Co Ltd 13-Jan-00

15 Fastrack Construction Ltd -v- Morrison Construction Ltd and Anr 04-Jan-00

14 Sherwood &Casson Ltd-v- Mackenzie 30-Nov-99 NONE
13 Bouygues(UK) Ltd -v- Dahi Jensen Ltd 17-Nov-99 NONE
12 Homer Burgess Limited -v- Chirex (Annan) Limited 10-Nov-99

11 Linaker Ltd vRiviera Construction 04-Nov-99 NONENONE
10 Lathom Construction Ltd-v-Cross 29-Oct-99

9 Palmers Ltd -v- ABB Power Construction Ltd 06-Aug-99

8 John Cothliff Ltd -v- Allen Build North West Ltd 29-Jul-99

7 Project Consultancy Group -v- The Trustees of the Gray Trust 16-Jul-99 NONE
6 Allied London & Scottish Properties Plc -v- Riverbrae Construction Limited (Sc 12-Jul-99 NONE
5 A & D Maintenance & Construction Ltd -v- Pagehurst Construction Services Ltd 23-Jun-99 NONE
4 A Straume (UK) Ltd -v- Bradlor Developments Ltd 07-Apr-99 NONE
3 Rentokil Ailsa -v- Eastend Civil Engineering (Scottish Case) 12-Mar-99 NONE
2 Outwing Construction Ltd -v- H Randall & Son Ltd 15-Mar-99 NONE
1 Macob -v- Morrison 12-Feb-99

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